Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry, Vol. 20 No. 2 2024, pp. 14-19 ISSN 1997-0838
Original Text Copyright (cc) 2024 by Punitha, Subramanian, Manivelu, Sudha and Selvi

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Studies on the Impact of Semi-ripe along with Seedless Papaya (Carica papaya) Fruits Pulp and Seeds Extract on the Level of Sialic acid in male Albino Rat Reproductive tissue

Punitha N.1, Subramanian N.1, Manivelu D.2, Sudha M.3 and Selvi  P.V.3

1 Department of Zoology, Arignar Anna Govt. Arts College, Cheyyar, Thiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu, India.
2 Department of Zoology, Govt. Arts College for Men, Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu, India.
3 Department of Zoology, Bharathi Women’s College, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.


Received January 21, 2024

The present research investigation intends at investigating the effect of on Sialic acid components in male albino rats of an aqueous extract of seeded papaya fruit pulp and seed extract specified as a combined dose and seedless variety papaya fruit pulp extract. The primary objective of the current research investigation was to evaluate the effects that occurred on male albino Wistar rats of semi-ripe fruit pulp extract from Carica papaya (fruits with and without seeds). The development of spermatozoa's ability to fertilise, the coating of spermatozoa with specific antigens, and changes in their membrane surface are all related to Sialic acid. Less spermatozoa cells in the testicular compartments and fewer of these cells are indicated by the decrease in Sialic acid contents in the testis and epididymis of both experimental groups.

Key words:    Extracts, Carica papaya, Albino Rat, Testis, Epididymis, Sialic acid

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