Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry, Vol. 19 No. 3 2023, pp. 102-109    ISSN 1997-0838
Original Text Copyright (cc) 2023 by Thappa, Guleria and Sharma

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Protein profile analysis by SDS-PAGE in different elicited edible sprouts

Chandan Thappa1*, Sanjay Guleria1 and Kanika Sharma2  
1 Division of Biochemistry, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu, Main Campus, Chatha, Jammu - 180009, Jammu and Kashmir, INDIA
2  Chemical and Biochemical Processing Division, Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology, Adenwala Road, Matunga (East), Mumbai 400019, India


Received March 23, 2023

Sprouts are the low processed food, having the high nutritional value and health promoting components. Various studies reported that the bioactive composition of various sprouts enhanced by elicitation with different elicitors. In the present investigation, the protein profiling by SDS-PAGE of different sprouts (mungbean, chickpea, broccoli and knolkhol) which were elicited with different elicitor viz salicylic acid (SA), methyl salicylate (MeSA) and neem leaf extract (NE) were performed. Results of the study showed that in all the sprouting seeds variety of bands were obsereved ranging from 8.31 to 112 kDa. The significant increase in intensity of protein bands was observed in 1% MeSA and 20 mM SA treatments in mung bean and chickpea sprouts, whereas, in the case of broccoli and knolkhol sprouts, only SA (200 ÁM) treated sprouts showed increased protein band intensity. This quantitative increase may be due to an increase in the synthesis of some proteins during elicitation. Elicitation can enhance the polyphenolic such as phenolic, flavanoids, vitamins, amino acids and glucosinolates content in sprouts by regulating the expression level of gene which are responsible for the synthesis of various enzymes which are required for the production of secondary metabolites. Moreover, our previous studies also reported that elicitation with different elicitors effectively increases the biological activities of sprouts. Therefore, from this study it may be concluded that the elicitation is an effective approach for the enhancement of nutritional and bioactive composition of seed.

Key words:  Elicitation, elicitors, sprouts, antioxidant, SDS-PAGE 

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