Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry, Vol. 14 No. 4 2018, pp. 31-34 ISSN 1997-0838
Original Text Copyright (cc) 2018 by  Martusevich, Krasnova, Galka, Epishkina

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Estimation of Functional State of Skin and Subskin Structures in Animals and Human with Near-Field Resonance Microwave Sensing

A.K. Martusevich 1, S.Yu. Krasnova 1, A.G. Galka 1,2, A.A. Epishkina 3

1  Laboratory of medical biophysics, Privolzhsky Research Medical University; 603155, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, Minin sq., 10/1
2  Laboratory of space plasma modeling, Institute of Applied Physics; 610027, Russia, 603950, Nizhny Novgorod, Ulyanov st., 46
3  Department of pathological anatomy, Privolzhsky Research Medical University; 603155, Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, Minin sq., 10/1


Received November 26, 2018

The aim of this paper is to study of possibilities of near-field microwave probing in the estimation of skin structure in man and rats.
Results: We studied real part of dielectric permittivity of the skin and subcutaneous elements of healthy people and Wistar rats at depths of 2 to 5 mm with resonance near-field microwave tomography. The equation of the linear regression describing the correlation between probing depth and value of the dielectric permittivity were constructed.
Conclusion: Our researches have allowed to establish a pattern of depth distribution of the dielectric properties of the skin of healthy people and Wistar rats, which can serve as the physiological microwave pattern for the study of subsurface tissues, including the various layers of the skin and the surrounding subcutaneous structures. It allows to consider this technology as a method of monitoring of organism state in different stress conditions.

Key words:    skin, deep structures, near-field resonance microwave sensing, dielectric permittivity, stress conditions, monitoring

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