Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry, Vol. 9 No. 3 2013, pp. 129-138 ISSN 1997-0838
Original Text Copyright (cc) 2013 by   Perfileva, Rikhvanov

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Bioinformation and Correlation Analyses of the Expression of Genes of Protective Proteins in Arabidopsis at the Heat Stress

Perfileva A. I., Rikhvanov E. G.

Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry SB of RAS, Irkutsk, Russia


Received  February 25, 2013

With use of the AtGenExpress database carried out bioinformation and correlation analyses of an expression of genes of the heat shock proteins (HSP) and PR proteins in roots, stalks and culture of cages Arabidopsis. The bioinformation analysis showed effect of suppression of HSP at synthesis of PR proteins in roots, stalks and culture of cages Arabidopsis. By means of the correlation analysis the inverse correlation relationship between an expression of genes of BTSh and PR proteins only in culture of cages is revealed, on roots and stalks Arabidopsis dependences wasn't observed.

Key words:    bioinformation analysis, correlation analysis, heat shock proteins, PR protein, Arabidopsis.

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